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  1. Hatedom

    Sometimes, when drifting around fan community sites, I have to wonder why some people even bother with claiming to be a part of the fandom. I'll find individuals who, if they happen to post much, will almost always have something caustic to say about storylines, characters, gameplay, the developers/creators, and just about everything else you can imagine. If they hate everything about a certain subject, why are they hanging around a fan site, a place created for people who like said subject, to ...
  2. Got a free slurpee for 7-11 day

    Tried a cappuccino one. It was...all right, I guess. But nothing overly spectacular over an ice cap. Still, gotta try new things from time to time, right?
  3. Preparing for my birthday...

    Next week's going to be busy, since my birthday is coming up. I already attended Ashley's birthday party the other day. It was a small one, but I wouldn't miss it for the world. My birthday party is probably going to be small too, since I'd prefer to keep it cheap. I'll invite my friends over for the party.

    In other news, I'm excited for the Hoopa event and I'm glad it's finally coming up! I'm definitely going to be getting Hoopa. (Sorry if I rarely talk about Pokemon here anymore. ...
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  4. The Trans-Pacific Partnership. Harbringer of the Internet's end

    Okay I don't usually make political commentary (or blogs for that matter) but I feel that this is too important not to share. By now I assume that some people are familiar of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement But for the unaware, here's an infographic:

    In addition, The bill can potentially:

    • Destroy Fandom: Or at least fanwork, via copyright takedowns, and not all countries have fair use

    Updated 11th July 2015 at 07:24 AM by Baf

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