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Pokemon and Animals

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by , 22nd November 2010 at 05:06 PM (335 Views)
Here's a theory I came up wit on the forums to explain animals in the Pokemon world. Note: Pokemon compeiting with animals is not my idea. The gradual extincion is.

Re: So, are humans on Poké Earth human, animals or are they Pokémon?
I have a theory. So according to the manga, pokemon aren't from Earth. Now animals went through a mass extinction when pokemon arrived and started filling up niches in nature ( plants survived because no pokemon grows in the ground so there was no competition. No pokemon is truely a plant) Now some animals were eaten, picked off or just starved. Many animals likely died out within months. Medium sized animals could have survived for a few years. Mabe the reason that Ghastly in The Ghost of Maiden's Peak turned into a moongoose because it encountered one during olden times. Ekans may have been scared of it because the moongoose may have put up a fierce resistance to snake pokemon before dying off and fear of mongooses are ingrained in ekans genes. Several animals survived because they were so numerous or kept by people(who would has survived due to weaponry and general intelligence). This would explain cows, dogs, insects and fish in the anime and other sources. I believe the last of the animals died out during the course of the anime. People gave up keeping animals as pets because they switched to pokemon. People also began eating pokemon (magikarp and miltank, for example). Those animals would eventually die out. As for the numerous animals, they couldn't last forever. Perhaps wild fish seen in the anime were the last remnants of their species and had all been eaten by the AG anime series. And that worm that Ash's pigeot ate before being captured may have been the last worm on Earth.

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    Agreed, Survival of the Fittest.


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