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The blog of Turtwig A.

  1. Got my old name back!

    Man, it feels good to be Turtwig A again. No other name can be as awesome as it, not even Win.
  2. BMGF Mafia game library

    I'm just using this right now as a record book for the Mafia games that have been played on BMG. I got the idea of something like this from Boo Mansion forums. This is based on memory for now.

    Hosted by: Badal and Coolking
    Winners: Town

    Hosted by: Fwee
    Winners: Mysteriously stopped...

    BMGF Mafia
    Hosted by: Mijzelffan
    Winners: Mods (Mafia)

    Death Note Mafia
    Hosted by: Sarcastically ...
  3. Hiatus

    I've decided that I don't want to stick around here for a couple days, so I'm going to be gone until next year. That, and I'm going on vacation somewhere. So so you next year!
  4. Winter Break

    Winter Break has started over here in Ohio, so my activity here is definitely on the rise. Though I'll be early to say that I'll be on hiatus from December 27 to 2011's beginning.

    On a side note, I watched a video where a bunch of little kids chose to eat a rock over a banana for breakfast just because it had Shrek stickers on it.
  5. Weekend hiatus

    I'm going to Indiana for the weekend, so don't expect much activity for me. So goodbye for the weekend!
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