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*~Congratulations Loreen!~*

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Well... I'm pretty much new to this, in fact this actually my first blog. But hey - sometime must be the first time, right?

And this first blogpost I want to dedicate to both Loreen, and Sweden! I'm so amazingly proud to be part of this amazing victory we had, the people here are all going nuts with the victory, even though it didn't really come as big chocker for none of us. The last time we won was in 1999 in Jerusalem with Charlotte Perrelli, so it's been quite a while, and that Loreen truly deserved this victory is an undeniable fact. Her song was simply amazing.

I'm proud, so extremely proud, the whole country is proud. Oh, and I also love that Loreen is orginally from Morocco, too. That gives the Moroccans a reason to rejoice.

An excellent show, that's for sure! Baku really treated us to an amazing contest, and they followed their theme ''Light your Fire'' all the way. Although I have to say that this year's hosts were rather... how should I put it... embarrassing, and unfunny in so many ways. They were awful. But, instead of lauging with them we could at least laugh at them.

I'm already looking forward to ESC 2013, Stockholm is ready for it. I'll make sure to buy tickets as soon as possible, that's just something that I refuse to miss.

Bye for now!

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  1. TheShinyMiner's Avatar
    Congrats on 1st blog post!;)
  2. Chiplet's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sackboy
    Congrats on 1st blog post!;)
    Ah, thank you! ^^


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