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Back in action.

Random blog, used mostly for nuzlockes.

  1. New Nuzlocke!

    Greetings, hello everybody. Been a long time, had a one year hiatus, it's all good now. You see, I was actually planning on starting a nuzlocke run (I did one in the past on this blog-didn't like it) and since I am back, why not document the run here? Of course, I shall be more consistent (I'll upload weekly rather than randomly), though there is one predicament. Well, not really a predicament. Just an open ended solution for all the readers out here (however you got here).

    I do ...
  2. Pokey Means Business. Why?

    Well, PMB is an epic song from Earthbound. It plays through the Giygas fight, stage 1, where Pokey is there. The song starts off all 8-bit goodness, but around the 1 minute mark, it changes drastically into a rock 'n' roll song. I wanted to change my username to something Earth-boundy, and I chose this.
  3. What the.....?

    Okay, as all of you know, the release date for Black and White in the US is March 6th. March 6th happens to be my mom's birthday. Odd.
  4. A new fanfic

    No Nuzlocke, holidays are a busy time of year. But, my new fanfic has been posted, and feedback is appreciated!
  5. 1 day? More like 6.....

    WARNING:If you don't like Shinx dying,or loud screaming by a teen,do not READ!

    Greg evolves,failed to catch Machop

    GregLv15,Fury Swipes,Ember,Taunt,Mach Punch

    Whooped Roark's sorry ass

    Got to cave on Route 204,went into cave

    Caught Zubat,nicknamed Fang,forced to teach Greg Rock Smash

    Got up against Bug Catcher Brandon's Kricketot,Bide killed Vel
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