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Flygon 101

  1. Kanto - Round 1 - Grass

    Here we are again, with a new category. This time, it's Grass. A plentiful bounty of Grass types have been found in Kanto. Which is your favourite?


    Well then, let's get voting!
  2. Kanto - Round 1 - Water

    Here's the next category - WATER.

    Here are the nominees:


    Updated 19th February 2011 at 03:56 AM by Flygon 101

  3. Best pokemon: Kanto - Round 1 - Fire

    Well, after the "outstanding" turnout, I'll get right on with it.

    We will start where we should, with Kanto, where a group of 10 year olds began their journey.
    Ash, Red, Gary, Blue, Green, Yellow, and many others.

    But first, a few extra tules I forgot to mention beforehand:
    I will only use fully evolved and unevolved forms (cause baby pokemon are so cute).
    If a pokemon has dual typings, I will admit
    them to both unless ...
  4. Best pokemon ever!

    Hello everybody!

    So Ive been wanting to do something with my blog for a whole now, but Im not the sort of person who updates whenever I wake up or say, 'OMG! I just saw like the weirdest person in this lift, right?'

    So I racked my brain, thinking of something to do with this huge expanse at my power.

    Then, three days ago, I thought of the answer in a simple question;

    What is your favourite Pokemon?

    Thats ...