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  1. I'm Back!

    Hi guys!
    It's been a month since I have been here
    I been really busy with my writing projects, school, and my sister hogs the computer all day.
    (This is actually the first time I have really had anytime to be on here in three weeks) I never left and I apologize for all my buddies who thought that I did. I hopefully will never leave this place.
    But anyways....
    I'M BACK!!!!!

    I'm crazy ...
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  2. Have the wrose cold ever :(

    Hey guys...
    I'm not feeling well.
    I have this terrible cold I can't even talk without me coughing to death
    So I basically have to whisper which makes stuff awkward
    My cough has gotten a little better though
    Valentines Day was yesterday, I don't have a special someone just a cat, a dad, a sister, a mom, and pet potato
    Hope everyone had a awesome Single/Valentines day yesterday!
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  3. Might want to dyed my hair...

    I'm thinking about dying my hair a different color for kicks but I having a hard time decides what color.

    At first I thought Blue would be cool but I kind of got over the blue thing
    So then I thought White then I thought about and decided totally not!
    So colors like Red, Green, or Black with Pink highlights.

    I don't know :/
    What do you guys think?

    I want to dyed my hair because I want to stand out! I'm usually the one ...
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  4. Need Feedback for all Bulbagarden users please! :D Would be nice....

    Hey guys!
    I'm trying to find a good amount of feedback from some people about my book I'm writing.
    I want to know if it sounds really really cool when I give this summary about it down below!!!
    I want to know if any people seem really interested in this book when it comes out (hopefully this year)
    So I decided to try to ask people about it!
    So everyone who reads this I want to know if this book sounds really persuading to read and say in the comments ...
  5. Vote Miku for Olympics!!!!

    That's right!
    Our favorite Japanese Virtual Diva could and possible perform at the opening Summer Olympics this year!
    She is certainly number one right now on the votes!
    But we need to make sure she stays number one!!!!

    Vote for her!!!!!!

    If you don't you shall regret it for the rest of your life!! ...
    My Life
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