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  1. New Site

    by , 10th May 2013 at 07:21 AM
    Sorry I haven't been more active around BMG lately, however I have been working with a group of people to set up a new Pokemon Site, which aims to show off and highlight Pokemon based work (whether it's art, music, comics or songs). If you want to join up, you can do so http://www.pokemoncrossroads.com]here[/url]

    We also have a community set up as well, found under the Forum Tab. If you don't want to sign up but still want to show off your work, you can easily submit your work to us ...
  2. First Blog Post

    by , 27th March 2013 at 05:27 AM
    It's been roughly 2 years since I've signed up to BMG and I haven't yet posted a blog post, so I thought I'd create one and see what it feels like. XD

    Anyway, the main reason behind me creating a blog, was because I want to meet new people since for most of my time on here, I was mainly focused in the URPG section and never really branched out into the community.