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Shadow Raikou's Dark Nights.

Sprite Shop Reopened- Seriously!

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by , 20th April 2012 at 04:24 AM (166 Views)
Yes, it is reopened for full two months! Ne sprite styles are added while some are removed, it. is. awesome. Also, my new contest is on in Spriter's Sanctuary, and it might be one of my awesome ones if people join.

In other news, I got a cute hamster named Jerry, he appears to be a Winter White Dwarf Hamster, and I don't know if he is male or female, but we ordered male so I refer to him as male. He is so cute, and like other hamsters, he sleeps at 9 AM and wakes up at 1 AM. He bites. One time he made blood come out of my finger. But he is cute nevertheless. In a few days time I'll post a recent photo of Jerry.

And then school, theres a guy named Harkit in my class. Me and my three friends (we sit all around me) were standing and talking and laughing like crazy, when Harkit came and started fighting with one of my friends. Then we three continued talking, but then Harkit injected the pen into my butt. I screamed with pain and the teacher came, the class became all crazy. My parents filed a big complaint against Harkit at my school, even my dad. I was a bit surprised to see my dad, because we only meet on my birthday and holidays. :/ But it pained. A lot. It was like any other injection, but it was fast.

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  1. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
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    • permalink
    holy sh*t. i hope they expel that boy.
  2. Gama's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Jeez! I agree, hope that kid sees some consequences for his actions.
  3. Shadow Raikou's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I know, right? But they won't expel him. I will be surprised if they even suspend him. That sucks, plus his brother is my good friend.


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