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Shadow Raikou's Dark Nights.

This is my blog. I post stuff. I post stuff that sometimes needs discussion. =D

  1. Reigons, Which one is Better!?

    Title Explains it all. i dont know how to explain it but we have been introduced to umm... 9 regions so far... Im distrubuting some cities into these groups.

    1: The Biggest Cities of the Pkmn World
    2: The Most Important Sea Travel/Trading Cities of The Pkmn World.
    3: Department Store/Team HQ Cities.
    4: Important Sea Cities with a Lighthouse

    Kanto: The Start of Champions

    Kanto does contain many important places in the pokemon world. ...
  2. 8.9 Earthquake Hits Japan, Followed by a Tsunami.

    Yes, you might be watching the news right now. I Will Update This Blog Post for Latest Info

    Here is The Summary:

    TOKYO – Japan's Fire and Disaster Management Agency says at least 17 people have died in the quake and tsunami that hit the north.

    The quake unleashed a 13-foot (4-meter) tsunami that swept boats, cars, buildings and tons of debris miles inland.

    Fires triggered by Friday's quake are burning out of control up and down the coast, ...

    Updated 11th March 2011 at 05:26 AM by Shadow Raikou

    The World
  3. Shadow Raikou is Back!!

    Yeah Guys, Tommorow is my last exam, that means Thunder Sprite Shop is opened again, and i already made a comeback signing up and, also, coming in a draw with eeveegirl in Annathornton's contest and coming third in Alex800's contest.

    Request Away at the Thunder Sprite Shop
  4. Won't Log In for Some Time

    ...Due to exams. starting from 23 Feb till 11 March, i wont be able to log in. Even if i do, it would be for very short while.
  5. Happy New Year 2011!!

    Its New Years Day! May you all have 365 Days of Fun!!
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