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Shadow Raikou's Dark Nights.

This is my blog. I post stuff. I post stuff that sometimes needs discussion. =D

  1. Is spriting extinct here now?

    Seriously, hellooo? Where are those spriters!?
    Nobody joins contests, nobody lately requests at sprite shops, and what not!
    Everybody is only going to banner shops, graphic shops, avatar shops you name it. What's up with everybody? This sucks, really.
    The World
  2. Sprite Shop Reopened- Seriously!

    Yes, it is reopened for full two months! Ne sprite styles are added while some are removed, it. is. awesome. Also, my new contest is on in Spriter's Sanctuary, and it might be one of my awesome ones if people join.

    In other news, I got a cute hamster named Jerry, he appears to be a Winter White Dwarf Hamster, and I don't know if he is male or female, but we ordered male so I refer to him as male. He is so cute, and like other hamsters, he sleeps at 9 AM and wakes up at 1 AM. He bites. ...
  3. Sick of finding that track.

    Okay, does anybody know that where can i get -

    Pokemon Black and white music, when Ghetsis speaks. You know, that eerie one.
  4. Pokemon Apolcalypse: Live Action 'Inception' Trailer.

    Not just Ash going on his journey and blah blah, Pokemon Fighting is being banned across Kanto and Ash is being blackmailed by Giovanni. Jessie & James holding Oak at gunpoint and Gary Oak's only words were "You can't ignore my girth." Pokemon Apolcalypse, Live Action Trailer. Pikachu nearly dying, Mewtwo controlling Misty to have her gun turn to her head. Celadon Gym being shut down. Brock having his Onix rampage. Misty having Jessie
  5. Exams Over, Lets Sprite!

    exams are over and i am practically free for the next two months! So take a look at....

    It's Back and it's Better!
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