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Finally Back..

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by , 5th March 2011 at 06:03 PM (182 Views)
Hello People of Bulbagarden,

After 3-4 months I'm finally back. I left on somewhat of a short notice. I've just been EXTREMELY busy at work and with personal/family matters.

I just couldn't get in enough time between my forum duties (Cloning Thread) and all my personal issues, for that I am deeply sorry If I didn't attend to unfinished business with some members of the community. My life has slowed down somewhat and I'm trying to get back into the forums and take part in the community once again. I ordered Pokemon: White today and will receive it on Tuesday March 8th.

Looking forward to talking with some old friends and making new ones as well.

Once again, sorry for the things I left undone upon my departure.

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    well i think i remember you when i first joined but it might be someone else anyway Welcome back :)


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