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Dead Space: Martyr

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I'm a huge fan of the video game Dead Space. It's the best survival horror in my opinion and blows RE out of the water, so I bought the novel Dead Space: Martyr.

I'm at work right now and I'm reading the book and wow, it's awesome and when you're reading it, it actually seems to mess with your head a bit.

Characters in the book see hallucination's of their dead loved ones warning them about the Monolith they are uncovering in the Chicxulub crater (Crater in the Yucatán Peninsula that wiped out the dinosaurs). They see their loved ones fine but every so often they see the condition they were in when they passed away, for instance a scientist's brother was killed in a car accident and see's him as a hallucination in perfect health but then see's his body get ripped in half since that how's he looked when he passed away.

Great book! Messes with your head with it's character's growing dementia and paranoia!

If you like the game Dead Space, check out this book.

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