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  1. Importing a Game..

    Just bought a game that's shipping from Japan, it's in Japanese so I don't know how much I'll understand since I know absolutely nothing of the Japanese language.

    The game is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd which is HUGEEEEE in Japan, I've played the previous titles on the Ps2, PSP and Wii. I wish I could homebrew my PSP so I could apply the english patch but 1. I don't know how and 2. I updated my PSP firmware last month and there is no way for me to downgrade it. So I'm out of luck. ...

    Updated 5th April 2011 at 09:46 PM by Auxilium

  2. Finally Back..

    Hello People of Bulbagarden,

    After 3-4 months I'm finally back. I left on somewhat of a short notice. I've just been EXTREMELY busy at work and with personal/family matters.

    I just couldn't get in enough time between my forum duties (Cloning Thread) and all my personal issues, for that I am deeply sorry If I didn't attend to unfinished business with some members of the community. My life has slowed down somewhat and I'm trying to get back into the forums and take part ...
  3. World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm

    Ordered World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collectors Edition 2 days ago, it was shipped yesterday (Dec 4th) and hopefully it will be here by the 7th, I doubt it will though.
    Cost me $85.99 including tax.

    Can't wait to play, I haven't played WoW in months because I got bored due to there being nothing to do. But I've been waiting patiently for the expansion which is coming out in a little over a day from now.

    Of course I'm going to be making a Worgen, just not sure ...
  4. Dead Space: Martyr

    I'm a huge fan of the video game Dead Space. It's the best survival horror in my opinion and blows RE out of the water, so I bought the novel Dead Space: Martyr.

    I'm at work right now and I'm reading the book and wow, it's awesome and when you're reading it, it actually seems to mess with your head a bit.

    Characters in the book see hallucination's of their dead loved ones warning them about the Monolith they are uncovering in the Chicxulub crater (Crater in the Yucatán ...
  5. RNG'ed Part 2

    So I continued to RNG last night and today and have bred quite a few shiny Pokemon..
    Here the list of what Pokemon they are..

    RNG Bred Shiny
    Flareon (Eevee first of course)

    Decent list so far, most of the Pokemon I want to breed are on my Soul Silver >.>
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