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Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

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Something useful about my games that I posted in this thread.

Quote Originally Posted by Kynn Master View Post
I'll put just the gym leaders

1st Gym
Name: Tsubata/Ariel
Title: The Blessed Pokémon Trainer/The Adorable Sky Master
Type: Flying-type
Badge: Crane Badge
TM: Aerial Ace
Strategy: Uses speed priority moves.
Gym: The puzzle are platforms who move down and up, stretch and compress

2nd Gym
Name: Tachiuo/Monty
Title: A Man As Handsome As The Gems/Handsome Goldsmith
Type: Rock-type
Badge: Mountain Badge
TM: Stealth Rock
Strategy: Relies on speed.
Gym: The puzzle are levers you need to push or pull

3rd Gym
Name: Hinagiku/Melody
Title: Pyro's Descendant/Pyro's Guardian
Type: Fire-type
Badge: Pyro Badge
TM: Fire Melody(created)
Strategy: Burn the foe
Gym: You need to enter in some different rooms to get to her

4th Gym
Name: Tsuge/Ritchel
Title: Engineer Prodigy Genius/Steel-type Master Prodigy
Type: Steel-type
Badge: Core Badge
TM: Steel Wing
Strategy: Uses his Sthalger(fakemon) first, as it have the ability Lock-on(created) and later a Steel/Water type pokemon to deal with the Fire-type mons
Gym: Have 4 floors, all of them with different puzzles.

5th Gym
Name: Natsushi/Bluebell
Title: A Girl With Great Potential/ Superpotential Girl
Type: Normal-type
Badge: Potential Badge
TM: Megawave(created)
Strategy: All her 4(four) pokémons are EV trained in Attack, Defense, Speed and Evasion(now a stat :D).
Gym: First you only need to battle some kids, then you enter in the maze.

6th Gym
Name: Kingyo & Tsubaki/Fay & Blake (male twins)
Title: Dark-minded Twins/Mind-lined Twins
Type: Psychic-type(Fay) and Dark-type(Blake)
Badge: Eclipse Badge
TM: Dream Eater(Topaz Version, given post-game in Aquamarine) or Dark Pulse (Aquamarine Version, given post-game on Topaz)
Strategy: One attack while the other defend, Fighting-types have no chance here~
Gym: You ride a minecart in the dark. You need to touch the switchs to change the rails.

7th Gym
Name: Matsukasa/Nicolae (Nick)
Title: Frost Prince Of Frostlake Town/Frozen Prince Of A Frost Land
Type: Ice-type
Badge: Climate Badge
TM: Blizzard
Strategy: Will rely on Blizzard, later, will try to frost your pokémons
Gym: The gym have 4 rooms, all of them have differents puzzles

8th Gym
Name: Mizuki/Sophie
Title: Mother Of The Seven Seas/Seven Seas Matriarch
Type: Water-type
Badge: Regal Badge
TM: Waterstream (created)
Strategy: Use healing moves, most likely Water Reflect(also created)
Gym: It's bigger than the 4th Gym, have 5(five) different puzzles
Just to you guys understand it's Japanese/American, right.

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Updated 2nd May 2011 at 05:44 PM by Kynn Master

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  1. Kyuuketsuki's Avatar
    That sounds interesting enough, except for the 6th Gym; I don't know how that would work considering that it will be a double battle.

    Also, American isn't a language; English is.
  2. Kynn Master's Avatar
    Thanks~;The 6th gym is a double battle, each of them use one pokémon at once, when you finish off their first pokémons they use their second, that's how it works.

    I put american because it's their names and titles in the american version ^^'
  3. Kyuuketsuki's Avatar
    That's the problem. I don't see Gamefreak making a Gym where you battle two Pokémon at a time with each one covering the other's weakness, especially not since:
    1. Pokémon is targeted for a young audience, and that might be too hard for them.
    2. One thing people forget about Gyms is that they're supposed to help the players learn about the type chart, which is why they instruct which type to use.
  4. Kynn Master's Avatar
    Actually I did that to give a chance to the poor bug pokémons
    as they eat psychics and darks for breakfast xD

    But you're sure, so it would be better if the type change between the versions (and even the Gym Leaders).
    Updated 5th May 2011 at 04:08 PM by Kynn Master


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