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Memes A La Brawl

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by , 7th January 2012 at 08:14 PM (262 Views)
I have found a strange and funny video yesterday called Memes A La Brawl, here. I want you guys to tell me which one you liked most, IMO numa numa dance is the better part, specially because my fav characters are dancing a shame that Pit isn't in .

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  1. Scarlet Sky's Avatar
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    Someone's late to the party. =P But yeah. Almost everything SSBB-related that Malrwiistation has made is hilarious. xD
    For Memes A La Brawl, I like Meta Knight saying "the balls are inert". Kirby's facial expression afterward made it even more funny imo.
  2. Kynn Master's Avatar
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    MK said that? I always though he was saying "the balls are in nerve". xD
    I just got SSBB on xmas, and to not spoil anything I didn't saw anything about SSBB, even related videos, but this dosen't matter now. :)


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