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  1. Parasect...

    ...is a strange Pokemon, never though that it was the fungus that took control of the poor Paras, and yet the poor thing still turns into a zombie...

    This explains why the only change between it and Paras is the lifeless eyes and the giant reggae hatmushroom.

    I should read more pokédex entries
  2. I made a vow to myself....

    That I'll never, ever read or hear (mainly read 'cuz is more scaring) about creepypasta! Specially if it is 1 hour before going to bed!!! And with that crazy mind of mine...

    Sincerely 'Hypno's Lullaby' was freaking foreseeable and 'The Cursed Red and Green Cartridges' were long and boring, almost skipped.

    Now 'Easter Egg: Mt. Silver' scared the hell out of me! O-O mainly the fan arts people draw, and considering Ethan is one of my fav PC....(/\)~(/\)
    Randon Stories
  3. Crying all day here

    Pokémon X/Y will be released near my birthday (October 17) and I don't have either a 3DS, how unlucky can I be? T^T

    3DS here in my country is too expensive and my mom said to me to not even dream on having one, so I have to watch just gameplays.

    Just sad...

    There is someone here suffering from the same thing? :3
  4. What noobs use to do in Pokémon games?

    I don't know if there's already a blog post about it and I'm not sure if this could be a thread, so I'm posting as a part of my blog.

    I'm writing a fanfics first yaoi fanfics yay! and there's a part when a group of friends - 4 boys and a girl - are talking around a paint can on fire (the main character is burning some old photos of his love interest's last boyfriend). They are chatting about videogames until one of the boys ask the girl about her boyfriend (he is a gamer), who is ...
  5. Memes A La Brawl

    I have found a strange and funny video yesterday called Memes A La Brawl, here. I want you guys to tell me which one you liked most, IMO numa numa dance is the better part, specially because my fav characters are dancing a shame that Pit isn't in .
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