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Yu-Gi-Oh Drinking Game

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Take a drink whenever someone takes Duel Monsters too seriously. (If you use this rule, for the love of god don't watch 5D's, you'll be dead before the end of the first episode.)

Take a sip every time the plot stops so that the power of the card can be explained.

Take a sip every time someone says the word "card". Do this only if someone's nearby to call 911 for you.

Take a sip every time someone says the word "destiny". Or any time the Shadow Realm is mentioned.

Take a sip every time someone says OH! NO! But only if you're not particularly fond of your liver.

Take a sip every time someone mentions friendship. Chug if it's someone other than Anzu/Tea.

Take a drink any time when Mokuba gets Kidnapped.

Take a shot every time someone mentions the heart of the cards. Two if it's not Yugi/Yami.

Take a sip each time someone doesn't notice that Yugi is taller than before.

Take a shot everytime someone in the manga says they will never forgive someone. Two if its someone other than Yami Yugi. Three if its the second time the character has said it to the same person. Finish your drink when they end up forgiving that person anyway.

Take a glass for every time a main character summons their signature monster during a duel.

Take two glasses for every duel where a main character's signature monster DOESN'T play a role.

Chug if a main character's signature monster does get used, but it's by somebody else.

Take a shot for every Never Say "Die" moment in the English version of any of the Yu-Gi-Oh! shows. (WARNING: Doing this while watching the original series' Battle City arc or the 5Ds Dark Signer arc will result in exploding livers.)

Drink half a bottle any time card games being Serious Business gets subverted. The early adventures in the manga do not count. (Don't worry; since these moments are so few and far apart, your liver won't explode. I hope.)

Take a drink every time someone is going to bet everything 'on this one card!' right before drawing it.

Take a drink when a protagonist wins a duel with less than 500 Life Points.

Take a drink anytime that Marik says/thinks "Those fools" and proceeds to repeat his plan once again.

Once Yami Marik makes his apperance, take a shot each time he laughs. Also, say goodbye to your liver.

You can also do the same with Yami Bakura.

Take a drink everytime they mention getting a burger in the early manga!

Take half a glass any time @Seto Kaiba does an Evil Laugh. (Any more than that will rupture your liver or your bladder.)

Take a shot every time Pegasus calls a character "(name)-boy" or anything similar.

Take a mouthful every time Jaden Yuki says "Get your game on!"
Take a whole glass if someone else says it.

Take two shots every time, during a duel, Jaden says "I'm gonna throw down a face-down" or any variant thereof.

Take a glass anytime Syrus Truesdale says something that causes Breaking the Fourth Wall.

Take a shot every time that someone says the word 'kizuna' (bonds). Two if it's not Yusei.

Alternatively, in the later arcs, take a shot whenever anyone says the word "kibou" (hope).

Take a drink every time Aporia from 5d's says 'zetsubou' (despair)

Take a drink and run into the nearest wall every time someone's motorcycle crashes because of a duel. Avoiding the WRGP arc is advised.

Watch the dubbed version of Yusei and Kiryu/Kalin's duel in episodes 33-35, then take a drink for each time Kalin says something about "sending [Yusei] to the Netherworld!" or the "power of the shadows". Better line up a liver transplant in advance.

I got this from tv tropes.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Take a sip every time someone says the word "card". Do this only if someone's nearby to call 911 for you.
    This one seems a little unfair. Of course they're going to talk about cards - the show itself is about these cards.
  2. The Batman's Avatar
    I like this. Card games and alcohol.


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