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MUSIC: Truth Be Told -part 1-

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I'm not quite sure if anyone has heard of this EP, or any of the songs in it, much less the artist. Are any of you familiar with American singer, songwriter, and pianist Greyson Chance? No? If not, well, that's okay - this blog post talks about him, more specifically about his latest work: his EP, Truth Be Told Part 1 (which means his sophomore album is Truth Be Told Part 2).

Yes, I did say "sophomore album." His debut album, Hold On 'Til The Night, was released August 2, 2011 when he was just 14. So, his new EP of his is pretty good - he's finally found his own style, which is just great.

One thing that makes me like his compositions is the meaningful lyrics. All of his songs have deep messages hidden in them - some emotional, some inspirational, but they're all beautiful in general. On top of that, his voice is powerful and just as meaningful. The emotion he puts into the vocals complements the song further. You could hear the effort he puts into his voice; he performs whole-heartedly, giving out his best, pouring out his emotion.

Truth Be Told has these songs: Sunshine and City Lights, You Might Be The One, Leila, California Sky, and Take My Heart. They're all well-written songs, brilliantly crafted. In fact, Michael Warren co-wrote two of the songs - You Might Be The One and Take My Heart.

My favorite from the EP is Take My Heart. It is a song that I can relate to, and the meaning the song has is very sweet and loving. It talks about pouring out all your love for one person, even if you do not have "enough" money. Money isn't everything, basically.

Here's a lyric video of the song. Take a listen if you've got the time :>

::~Mud the Kip~::

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