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My Non RNGed Babies.

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I don't RNG. I won't pretend like I do. I EV train for those that do RNG. That is how I have so many boxes filled with Shinys and perfectly IVed 'mons. At some point I'll learn to RNG, maybe Gen VII, who knows. Until then, I'll just keep breeding the old fashioned way.

That being said, this is going to be used to as a personal reference sheet/trade list for all my non RNG breeding projects.

First hatch of the new generation: Scraggy
Careful | Shed Skin
Male: 31/31/31/14/31/0 | Female: 31/31/30/25/31/31
Location: Hatched at the Dreamyard
Egg move: Drain Punch

Relaxed | Iron Barbs
Female: 31/31/31/19/31/19
Location: Hatched at the Giant Chasm
Egg moves: Leech Seed, Stealth Rock

Modest | Chlorophyll
Female: 23/23/31/31/31/30
Hidden Power Ice 70
Location: Hatched at Undella Bay

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