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Wow!! What a crazy week I had!

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Ok so you might have noticed..I have been gone lately well...

On Halloween...I stayed the night at my life long friends house,she bring over a few friends and her dad came and bring out the refreshments like pizza,soda, candy and we dressed up in our costumes and didnt go out trick or treating because of the rain(Dont feel bad east coast,we on the west coast had the same problem as you guys)...So we watched movies like The Grudge(I hate that movie) and played video games...

So near bed time...Well my friends aunt son was over at our place and he's three years old and I made it my duty to watch over him since he really don't have a father or a friend so that's were I come in...Well,he's still wets at night and they ran out of diapers for him so I was glad to stop watching that freaky movie and as a few of you know,I also wear diapers sometime for the comfort because I hate wearing my underwear and boxers,they are just soooo uncomfortable so...I got my flashlight and my backpack over to my place in the dark and its raining really hard and I made it to my place,I grab a few size 6 diapers for him to wear and I ran back over to my friends house...and gave them to my friends mother since when the kid stays over at my friends house,her mother does the diapering and stuff...

So,I had a good Halloween night and the next day which would be yesterday...I disided to watch over the cute diapered three year old over at his place since my friends mother had things to do...So we went over to his place which is just a few blocks away from my friends place...And we watched together a few kid shows like Dora the Explorer and such...The reason I watched him for the whole day was that his mother been going through alot of stuff and a few days ago,had to go to the hospital for a reason she told me not to say...So yesterday,I became the parent and took care of him...You know the usually stuff that parents do for 3 year olds like change there kids diaper(I dont mind,since I do it to my self all the time and I because of that know how the change 'em stinky paddings!*laughs*)and I made him some food and mad sure he was ok and comfortable which aperantly he likes being around me alot..

Huh? Now i wonder why kids like me sooo much...Maybe because im into stuff that they are into..Somehow I guess they noticed that I act so innocent and childish that they just like being around me...

Anyways...Today,im really mad at my college for making a mess of my finical aid stuff...So what happens was today,i got on the phone to see if there was any money on the card and no I still had the 40 cents left from all the stuff I bought for last time...I get on the internet at the college that im at right now and still noticed that I had 40 cents left....So i check my college account and they updated my award letter to reflex the classed that I droped TODAY instead of right away like they were suppose to...I had to drop three of the four classes because the countslurs messed me up badly telling me to take classes that i knew i would not do good in and I didnt know what i was doing because I just got out of high school and everything...So right now after I finish this blob...Im going to apeal saying that the changes shold have happened eather when I dropedn the classes instead of when I get my disinberisment or when my spring term comes around and they then put me on acdment probation like I was planning for because the the mess up....

Anyways...What a week I had!!!

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  1. Blaze-Boy's Avatar
    That sounds like one week there......but hey :D


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