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An open mind...

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I have not been on here for a long time because i have been doing something what is called soul searching,and what i found out about my self is very interesting butthis is not the point of the blog...

As i came back on here i read this thread explaning Striving for Equality bulbapedia stance on people that are different and i kind of wanted to wonder about if people really are open as they say...

I beleave that in order for us to coexist with one another is the to understand that every human is different and no one is perfit...Really! im not even perfit, in fact i also beleave the reason the fights happen with one another is that we dont understand our differences and we hide in our corner wanting to be normal when its really impossable for "normal" to exist...So i would ask you what you would say if I said i was different a way that seems...just plain weard!

Would you hate this user because thats the way he is or would you be understanding? I now understand that im a straneg person and now i feel like my life is compleate, i can finally move forwards with my differences and try to live my life to the best of my ability and be happy nomatter what happens because i know im different in some way....

So woukld you like a idea of a perfit world that everyone is the same or a perfit world where everyone is different?

Thanks for reading!

Oh and stay open minded when someone tells you a personal secrect...You can ruin there life if your not....(Remember, 10 year olds go to this sight)

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