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MegamanDX goes bandwagon crazy!

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Name: Darian(my stage name
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 18

Where are you right now? College
Song stuck in your head? Nope
Where were you earlier? Home waiting to get back to college due to a forest fire
Do you have anything planned later? Head home,then head over to my friends and play on his new Nintendo 3DS XL

Favorite Subject(s): Science,computers
Favorite Color(s): Blue
Favorite Food(s): Mexican
Least Favorite Food(s): Fish, Chinese
Favorite Sport(s): Golfing
Favorite Animal(s): Cats mostly but i do love lizards
Favorite Artist(s): I dont have one
Favorite Book(s): The Cat Who series
Favorite video game(s): Pokemon,Mario,Megaman,Crash Bandicoot series,Yu-Gi-Oh!
Favorite Manga(s): Pokemon
Favorite Anime(s): I wish I could watch that
Favorite Anime/Manga character?(s): Ummm...Not sure...

Good Aspects about you:Kind and usually likes long lasting friendships
Not-so-good Aspects about you:I'm very shy and don't talk that much
S(sadist) or M(masochist)? What the heck is that
Present or Money as a gift? I take the money and run!
Curly, wavy, or strate:Its dosnt matter
Ferris Wheel or Bumper Cars? Bumper cars sound like fun
Fetish? I wear my diapers and wet in them like a little kid Yeay!!!!
What's your favorite type of person? Someone who is: Nice, Honest and friendly
What's your least favorite type of person? Someone who is: that person who just doesn't shut the *censored* up!, rude, and not honest
Favorite physical features?: I dont care about that

Favorite date spots: Don't know.
Your idol: Can I say my close life long friend
Your favorite place: My home
Hours of sleep you usually get: I guess 3-6
Your form of transportation: Moped
Places you want to go to: Japan
Ever played those claw machine games? Yeap
Ever got anything? Once
Lastly, type out a few lines of a song's lyrics: To be the best,the very best there ever was -part from Pokemon

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    You're missing a few words from that Pokemon theme lyrics.


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