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Major changes coming for me soon....

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by , 21st November 2012 at 11:07 PM (217 Views)
Yeap...That's right folks!

My fears came true a few days ago,I feel like im being watched and people want to ruin it for me....So...

Major stuff is going to happen for me and how this effects you....

#1: I wont talk anymore about my ideas.

I felt after what happened a few days ago,I been too open about my self and my ideas and it got me in trouble so no more talking from me about Pokemon Battle Network...When I do talk about it again,it will be just be me showing one picture or a link of when when I release it.

#2: I will be on here less and less because I have a life to deal with.
I liked when I was a kid because not much was needed of me but now that im adult...Everyone asks for my help and people expect me to act like a adult....I noticed that im having less and less time to deal with my online chores I have.

#3: User name changes for me soon
The gags been up for so long now,you all know that im a Pokemon fan and not a Megaman fan so I need something to reflect that...I all ready have a idea what my next user name will be but this user name means alot of me...I will never forget that my user name is MegamanDX,it means alot for me and allways will be in my heart.

#4: Updating my loooooong out of date forum profile.
I allready made some of the changes while some other ones will be minor and I have not done yet.

#5: Due to financial difficultys my mom and me are experiencing as well as other problems in my and my mom's life...I am ending my status as a Pokemon fan...
No more being a Pokemon fan anymore,too many problems in my life to deal with and my fandom of Pokemon, it taking up too much time I don't have anymore...

Oh course you probably don't care about what I have to say but in that case,just move along then........

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