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Basically a place for catharsis that I can't put anywhere else on the forums.

  1. Pokemon Fandom The Skit Episode 3

    Notice: Before you get all hyped up, this is referring to the entire fanbase. Hint: Great God-Fearing Christian is NOT the fastest-evolving Bug/Poison Pokemon.

    Great God-Fearing Christian: Fellow Pokemon fans, we gather here in the Council of the Fanservice Inquisition to discuss a most grievous problem afflicting our franchise. Yes, the visual medium we all know and love hath fallen to the plague of fanservice. Have the creators no morals? Do they not fear God? Why else would they ...
  2. A question of rhetoric

    Was my post insulting in any way? Here it is for reference:

    And yes, there is a reason for me asking. Someone apparently thinks it is.
  3. Archaic in the Hall of Shame? What has the world come to?


    I wanted to make this post for quite a while now. I guess the ultimate lesson would be that no matter how high up on the forums you are, you're still human, and thus are not immune from immaturity.

    At first, I found the SPPf-bashing fun, but of course I was young, teenage, and immature at the time. Now it's just completely petty and stupid. It's a sad state of affairs when even the master of this forum cannot be bothered ...
    BMGf Life
  4. An Address Request (HoS Topic) Abridged


    So, how did Weedle's phone call go? This way:

    Weedle Mchairybug: I'm here for you to Bring Misty Back, writers, and I won't take no for an answer, so write her back in.
    Pokemon Company of Japan: No.
    Weedle Mchairybug: Curses. Foiled again. I'm going to recruit some fans to boycott your franchise now. I'm American, so no one would even think about questioning me.
    Pokemon Director: That Weedle kid ...
  5. The Official Guess the Halloween Sockpuppet Entry!

    Yes, this is the place where you attempt to predict who could possibly be hiding behind the eclectic cast in this year's Bulbagarden Halloween Party! Who is the one controlling Honest Giovanni Medici? Who is the master of the drunken Jolly Sneasel? Who braved ban evasions to revive HaBANake for the nth time? Can anyone solve the mystery of the twin Zoeys? And who could be the Wurmple O'Furry Worm that broke Peacefulz's heart?

    For reference, here is the party so far:
    Szayzel ...

    Updated 17th October 2008 at 09:54 AM by MetaRobo

    Special Events
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