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Where I post long, pointless rambles about certain things.

  1. The True Meaning of Friends Lists

    I read a very interesting journal post by a fellow SPPf denizen concerning the friends list.


    Before reading this, I never turned down friends requests. I figured it wasn't such a big deal, and I thought I might as well make the newbies feel good. There was that one time I removed a user who was solely doing it to increase his count, but that was a rare occurrence. Now I have begun to reconsider what the friends list really ...
  2. It's fanwank time!

    If there is one thing Pokemon fans are known for (well, other than whining without end about the dumbest things), it is looking way too far into things. Alas, as part of my being officially declared batshit insane, I have decided to join in and explain a Pokemon topic: the ages of the humans.

    As we all know, Pokemon canon claims that most of the main Pokemon anime and video game characters are 10. Of course, the first response to this is: They let 10-year-olds out by themselves into ...
  3. The floodgates of Pokemon info have burst open.

    First off, the Platinum move tutors. Wow, immediately after the Garchomp ban, it has been revealed that Salamence gets Outrage. Besides the fact Dragonite has been cheated out of its combo, this just makes Salamence even more dangerous. Two powerful STAB Dragon moves on both sides of the attacking spectrum? Wow.

    For examples actually relevant to Pokemon I would actually use (a.k.a. not over-overused to the point of not being fun anymore), Kingdra also gets the benefit of taking advantage ...

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  4. Analysis of Pokemon's random mechanics OR IV's SUCK!

    Probability of getting perfect (31) IV's in every stat (also applicable to getting a good Hidden Power):

    1/(32 * 32 * 32 * 32 * 32 * 32) = 1/1 073 741 824

    Probability of also getting an ideal nature:

    1/(1 073 741 824 * 20) = 1/21 474 836 480

    Now how about doing this for all six Pokemon?

    1/(21 474 836 480 * 6) = 1/128 849 018 880

    Probability of winning the lottery (Lotto 6/49):

    1/(49 nCr 6) = ...

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  5. Observations on Movie 11 (and inevitable Platinum ramblings)

    Well, Giratina and the Bouquet of Sky: Shaymin is nearly upon us, at least if your name is Dogasu or you are some other resident of Japan. Here, I shall write pre-movie observations. Why couldn't I do this on the forums? Good question, which I have no answer to.

    From what I've seen so far, I have one word to describe the villain. Lame. His name, Zero, seems to describe his level of personality. Think Jirarudan, except give him a cliched motive and even less character development. ...

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