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Anything funny, or at least lighthearted.

  1. Constant Annoyance: A Log

    Someone has recently challenged me to be constantly annoyed by someone. Thus, I present snippets of my fandom adventures, the source of much annoyance.

    I guess I shall log the stubborn people who hold opinions as fact first. Yes, they exist outside this forum. Mostly, they tend to be the targets of mockery, unless a significant amount of people agree with them. Personally, my procedure for dealing with these kinds of people goes like this:
    1. You see an absurd post.
  2. Pokemon Fandom The Skit Episode 3

    Notice: Before you get all hyped up, this is referring to the entire fanbase. Hint: Great God-Fearing Christian is NOT the fastest-evolving Bug/Poison Pokemon.

    Great God-Fearing Christian: Fellow Pokemon fans, we gather here in the Council of the Fanservice Inquisition to discuss a most grievous problem afflicting our franchise. Yes, the visual medium we all know and love hath fallen to the plague of fanservice. Have the creators no morals? Do they not fear God? Why else would they ...
  3. An Address Request (HoS Topic) Abridged


    So, how did Weedle's phone call go? This way:

    Weedle Mchairybug: I'm here for you to Bring Misty Back, writers, and I won't take no for an answer, so write her back in.
    Pokemon Company of Japan: No.
    Weedle Mchairybug: Curses. Foiled again. I'm going to recruit some fans to boycott your franchise now. I'm American, so no one would even think about questioning me.
    Pokemon Director: That Weedle kid ...
  4. Pokemon Fandom The Skit Episode 2

    Kids these days. Look at them, gobbling up this new Pokemon trash like mindless drones. They don't know what Pokemon used to be like. Back in my day, Pokemon was art. Pokemon was the brilliant creation of a master deserving to share the spotlight with other greats such as Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael. What is it nowadays? A mindless and banal cash-in franchise designed solely for money.

    Yeah, back in my day, Pokemon were far more original. I mean, what's up with ...

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  5. Pokemon Fandom: The Skit Episode 1

    After my ranty last blog, I decided to let loose and have some fun. That and I've been exposed to too many S. Suikun jokes, er, posts, on Serebii forums. This is a skit version of my rant in the form of a Pokemon battle description.

    It is the penultimate episode of the original Pokemon series (before Advance Generation). Having already debuted new Pokemon, the writers decided to debut a new move...

    Misty used Grudge.
    Misty wants her fandom to bear a grudge. ...

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