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Spreading the awesome.

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I decided that as a closet fan I've had enough of running and hiding in an anti-pokemon neighborhood. I'll change this fact myself.

Before Pokemon Direct was dropped on us all by Iwata, Junichi masuda hyped up the presentation and told us to show it to everyone we know. So I decided to honor his request today.

Today when I was out, I showed some classmates the Nintendo Direct. They were general nintendo fans, but mostly indifferent to Pokemon.

We got all nostalgic as Iwata went through the first history lesson. We get some discussion going around when they start giving their favorites and assessments of which generation it started going "downhill". Pokemon design "weirdness" inevitably pops up, but I laugh it off and gave them the scenario of the new kids growing up with pokemon now saying that the new pokemon were weird and that "it was better when it was at 5th gen". The parts that went on and got more recent, and they got filled in on stuff they didn't know, like the double or tag battles. They talk about how there's too many Pokemon in the game now and I tell them to look at it in the sense that there's more variety and that the games dropped the "catch em all" slogan they were used to so long ago while still retaining their gameplay. Meanwhile we talk about a funny pokememe here or there. I also explained to them the hype that led up to this announcement just as Iwata dropped the bomb.

And then I let the trailer speak for itself.

I get a bunch of "wows" from everyone, and one of them complements the art style. I give them my own opinions on how well they made the battles resemble the concept so well. One of the girls thinks Fennekin is cute too. Also, they thought the music was awesome, and I explained to them the nature of the Pokemon flagship overture. And someone shouted "princess mononoke!" while I sympathized with him on the look.

Overall, they were pretty impressed. I gave them some additional info and speculation on what the legendaries' origins were, as well as talking about the extreme speed of the fanbase and their art explosion. In the end, they generally said something along these lines:

"I haven't really played Pokemon, but I think this would be a good place to start. I just don't know though... there's so many of them now."

It's a start...

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    One of the girls thinks Fennekin is cute too
    Mad, Froakie and Chespin?


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