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  1. Everything's better with lists

    by , 4th May 2012 at 02:16 AM
    When bored in class, my mind wanders off about the 3-D models that the Pokemon people (Specifically Creatures) has made up to this point. We've got Pokedex 3DS and soon will have it expanded to all Pokemon period. No outdated stadium models, no jaggies; everything will be up to standard.

    This leads me to think that since the graphic of games has generally gotten to a point of little further improvement, it's the perfect opportunity for them to take the models they've made up to ...
  2. Well, shoot...

    by , 18th April 2012 at 02:24 AM
    Don't you just hate it when you've typed up a perfectly good blog entry that perfectly conveyed your thoughts, and then accidentally hit some wrong button that took you somewhere else, separating you from your beloved message forever...

    I'm typing this from my new iPad, and while the new tech is cool and all, I'm really angry at the lack of a leave page warning right now.

  3. Too Late for a New Year's Resolution?

    by , 14th January 2012 at 02:30 AM
    I guess it never really occurred to me what I'd try to improve in my life when New Year's Eve passed, probably because I was safe within a warm house with friends, family, and food. Now the busier part reality is coming back to me, and I've started to find some things about myself that I could work on. I thought to myself and decided that I would start a blog, in order to open up and talk more often.

    I'm glad you're all here.

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