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I saw Ender's Game today.

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Amazing movie, though this is coming from someone who didn't read the series. I can't judge on the justice they did with how much they cut or compressed from the book, but I can definitely tell that they were trying to pick the most salient highlights of the plot to be shown. I had an inkling towards the end that

So yeah, I highly recommend this movie to those of you out there who haven't seen it like I have. If you like seeing CGI space battles going pew-pew lazors, that's also a bonus.

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  1. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    I had to read that book for 9th grade English, it was somewhat interesting. As for the ending,
  2. Darth Darkrai's Avatar
    Yes, This was a REALLY GREAT Movie, and I have Read the Book, and saw the Movie on Friday, and there are a lot of Differences, but I Still Recommend seeing the Movie because the Cast is Good and REALLY Acted well.

    This is My Number 1 Favorite movie of this Year, so if anyone is interested, Please, see it because U Might get some Fun out of this Movie.


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