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Everything's better with lists

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by , 4th May 2012 at 02:16 AM (178 Views)
When bored in class, my mind wanders off about the 3-D models that the Pokemon people (Specifically Creatures) has made up to this point. We've got Pokedex 3DS and soon will have it expanded to all Pokemon period. No outdated stadium models, no jaggies; everything will be up to standard.

This leads me to think that since the graphic of games has generally gotten to a point of little further improvement, it's the perfect opportunity for them to take the models they've made up to this point and improve on them in other ways. But how?

Answering a question with a question: what would make these pokemon more lifelike?

My mind wanders into the idea of Creatures or Pokemon Company rigging new animations to existing pokemon. 15+ years and the standard 3D battler has, for every pokemon up to now, made attacking, special-attacking, hit, fainted, punching, running, and some flying animations to their pokemon. Maybe kicking... was there kicking?

But anyways, attacks have a huge amount of variety to them. And I start to think of what kinds of attacks would need a specific type of animation from the pokemon's own model to show a deeper form of personality. Perhaps they could be sorted into groups, albeit many.

I ended up writing down a list, for the sake of just making one:

Punching - Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, etc.
Slapping - DoubleSlap, Wake-up Slap, etc.
Kicking - Mega Kick, Blaze Kick, etc.
Flying - Fly
Tackling - Tackle, Take Down, Flame Charge, etc.
Throwing - Vital Throw, Seismic Toss, Rock Throw, etc.
Staring - Leer, Glare, Scary Face, etc.
Squashing - Body Slam, Heavy Slam, etc.
Biting - Bite, Crunch, Hyper Fang, Thunder Fang, etc.
Rolling - Rollout, Ice Ball, Flame Wheel, etc.
Kissing - Sweet Kiss, etc.
Jumping - Bounce, etc.
Shooting Up - Eruption, Water Spout, Thunder, etc.
Shouting - Supersonic, Echoed Voice, etc.
Diving - Dive, Dig, etc.
Pecking - Peck, Drill Peck, etc.
Jabbing - Poison Jab, Fury Attack, etc.
Spinning - Rapid Spin, Gyro Ball, etc.
Wrapping - Wrap, Constrict, etc.

Perhaps there were more... but by then, class had let out. :P

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