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  1. Nostalgia

    It was may 2005 and my eighth birthday I had recently seen a commercial for pokemon emerald and begged my parents for it. I woke up that morning and was told I could open one present I chose pokemon emerald first and toke the game with me to school. I picked torchic at first it evoled into combusken and I remeber I was right in the route on my way to save peeko when i bite my lip and had to get stitches, I was stuck in stalteport after ...
  2. Things that happened to me recently...

    Let's see. Where should I start... Oh! I know!

    1) I finished my English essay!. I asked my English professor for help too. she said that I wasn't doing anything wrong and the question I wanted to discuss was alright for the essay. I really hate analysis essays but I managed to get through it!!!

    2) Yesterday, on my way to class, I bought my coffee and walked Sophie to her class before I went to mine. when I got there, I saw a paper taped on the door that said, "The ...

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  3. The challenge above all challenges

    Hey guys! I'm super excited to announce that for the very first time ever, I will be attempting to complete the most fearsome task of all: catching 'em all!

    I was informed the other day that to complete a national Pokedex I don't need event Pokemon like Mew, which I always thought was needed for some reason but I obviously could never get.
    So now I'm trying very hard to complete my national Pokedex on Pokemon Y so that I can get the Shiny Charm, and I'm very excited because ...
  4. Regions Review

    Hi everyone In this entry I'll review the six existent regions in the main series games, taking into account routes, cities, landmarks and other things.

    The region that started it all, and the less linear of all of them. It's nice to see how the cities connect to each other and traveling trough them is pretty easy, even your hometown participates! The cities are overall good, because they trully feel like cities on a lower scale and have their own building ...
  5. A Month of Outlaw Star: Fan Work Spotlight #15!



    "New Outlaw Star Caster Gun" by aBlindSquirrel

    To end off our fourth week of Outlaw Star Month, I present to you a real live Caster Gun!

    (Warning: bullets sold separately, gun may or may not actually shoot magic spells, see your local wizards for additional info
    Fan Work Spotlight
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