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  1. LEGEND Review (0.3)

    Hi. I spent the last week reading a lot of things on PokeCommunity, so I figured I'd do a blog on something from there.

    LEGEND by Aisu

    Summary: Mew adopts a human boy following the destruction of Pallet Town (mine).
    Synopsis: It's different than it sounds, very much in a good way.

    First off, because I need to get this out of the way: THE BOY ISN'T ASH.

    OK, now that we've established a chance that the story is actually good let's ...

    Updated 7th March 2015 at 10:47 PM by Rediamond

    Fan Fic Reviews
  2. Sleep schedule, PLEASE.

    Tried to fix it. Made it better, but failed to fix it in the end because of a nap. Being able to operate on little sleep sucks, it really does.
  3. Mixed feelings about ORAS...(Kind of a long read)

    The Good!
    The story was surprisingly more engaging than I thought it'd be. I found myself really liking characters that I hadn't paid attention to in the past, and the way that they enhanced the lore turns some old Legends into some of my new favorites.

    The new innovations are extremely useful, fairly fun, and help to make the game feel more like an adventure. DexNav searching, more specifically chaining, can be pretty exciting when you're looking for one of your favorites, ...
  4. 7*3 mirrored is 4*3.

    With that, I'll make a blog for the occasion. .....There's a comfy sofa over there~
  5. Bulbagarden theme Suggestion

    If we do not have to change the theme of Bulbagarden for a while due t some hype of some new Pokémon game. I have a suggestion for a theme.

    Since some of the previous backgrounds are known as Erika's garden I thought maybe we should try that again.

    So how bout Erika sitting on cliff looking at Celadon City witha Bulbasaur sitting next to her.

    I wish I could draw a example but...........I cannot draw humans nor Pokémon for the life of me.

    Updated 7th March 2015 at 02:08 PM by FireBlader15

    Spiritual Flare
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