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Detective Calvin

Finally, a normal day! Well, sort of.

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Today was the most normal day I've had all week. Instead of going straight to school, I went to Choffin Career and Technical Center, as all high school juniors do, and stay there for the morning. I take Biotech there, and it was my first day there. I was introduced by a girl who knew me as a phenomenal boy who passed the state tests with flying colors, and is extremely smart. This had everyone all over me like hair on an ape. I did not want the attention, but I coped with it, and we eventually got to work. We did a science lab testing the strength of wet toilet paper, and everyone wanted to work with me. It was a headache. Once it got resolved, we got the lab done with time to spare, so I got interviewed. I had to keep from strangling them all, and patiently answered their questions as they came. We had lunch there, and I met with my football coach, with whom I'd lost contact over the summer. We caught up, and got some misunderstandings straightened out. When we went back to real school, they day was boring and uneventful.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Being famous and adored is such a pain. Trust me, I go through it every day.
  2. Pain Split's Avatar
    Well, at least it had a positive effect, unlike the last two.
  3. Detective Calvin's Avatar
    Yeah, I talked about it with my counselor today. I have really bad frustration issues, I have trouble communicating with anyone who doesn't talk like a mature adult, and I hate unwanted attention.


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