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Pokemon Trainer Calvin

3 Days of Hell

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by , 24th April 2013 at 04:28 PM (316 Views)
It is by sheer miracle that I made it through these last 3 days. Since Monday night, I have been in Columbus with my SkillsUSA team as an observer. The chaos began as soon as we got to the hotel. I realized two of my three roommates were people I either didn't know or didn't like. The one I didn't like decided it would be fun to mess with me. I left the room for a brief moment, then when I came back, he told me my PSP had been taken by someone. When I looked, it was there. I wanted to mortally wound him then, but God's hand stayed mine for the time being. I simply gave him my inherited evil glare and took my valuable with me to my friend's room. I left my PSP with her, since I couldn't trust two of my roommates any farther than I could throw a table underwater. I also ended up sleeping with my wallet, something I dreaded having to do, but I knew it was coming. Check that, I tried sleeping. I was kept up by them playing Black Ops 2 or whatever it was. The next day was competition. As an observer, I had nothing to compete in, so I got to watch dust collect from 8 to 5:30. Then, when we went back to the hotel, I nearly died because my legs cramped, and someone was smoking right in front of the door. I'm sorry, but Ohio law states that individuals are not allowed to smoke within 100 feet of any door to a public facility. Then, to make it worse, my inhaler crapped out on me. My teacher saved my life, which was flashing before my eyes at that moment. As soon as I could move, I called up the police about it. Sad to say that went over like a lead balloon. Anyway, we went to the Golden Corral off of Sawmill Road, and had a relatively good time. Then my second near-death experience happened on the bus. Someone let off a rancid one that set me off. To ice the cake, an angry girl let off a perfume bomb right after I warned not to spray. Mind you, this is a charter bus, with windows that don't open, and I was stuck by one of said windows. Sheer miracle that I made it off the bus alive, according to my outraged mother. I'd never heard her so angry over the phone. Then, my only friend on the trip had an asthma attack at the hands of her roommates' stupidity, which I helped her through. Then, I was kept up by my roommates' prank calling, mooning, and utter immaturity. Again, only my crazy pill kept them alive because I wanted to make use of the soundproofing. Today, I had to endure several perfume clouds, a cigarette cloud, and a very bad migraine all in a 3 hour bus ride with no inhaler. God is the only reason I''m still alive through that, albeit with dizziness and respiratory issues. I passed out three times. Also, my annoying roommate tried to snatch my PSP, so I got up and made galaxies erupt in his now black eyes. Mildly satisfying. He should thank my crazy pill for saving his life. I should probably get some rest, because I feel like crap onna steek.

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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
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    As I always say: It'll be OK. Just DON'T DIE.
  2. Silverwynde's Avatar
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    Yeah, get some rest and try not to let the stupid get you down. (And boy, that sounds like a truckload of stupid...)
  3. Pokemon Trainer Calvin's Avatar
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    Truckload? All the transportation vehicles in the US couldn't contain all the sheer stupidity. I even tricked someone with 'What begins with come here and ends with ow' from Blackadder.


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