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  1. X "Just For Fun" Run

    Wanted to do Kalos one last time. Nothing really special about this run, I suppose.

    Date Started: February 25th, 2015
    Date Ended (Champion Defeated): March 12th, 2015

    A little over 99 hours played.

    Final Team:
    Greninja (Level 69)
    Butterfree (Level 68)
    Gardevoir (Level 68)
    Toxicroak (Level 68)
    Ferrothorn (Level 68)
    Flareon (Level 69)

    Will be doing that special run of Alpha Sapphire next. Might ...
  2. I don't know...

    I have a paper due for my English class this Saturday and I'm having a very enormous block. I can't think of anything to write about.

    This paper is still about Frankenstein. According to the prompt, I have to create an argument about a social comment that Mary Shelley makes in the novel. I really don't know what this means. I don't know what my professor is asking me to do. I have to use quotes from the novel, I can't use any kind of research outside of the novel, and it has to be ...
  3. Finally, some positive news for a change.

    I feel like I've been too negative on my blog recently, so I'm going to think more positively. I'll talk about some positive things in the news lately.

    Last night, Ashley went to a fancy French restaurant. His family was going there to celebrate his maternal grandma's 85th birthday. He got to wear a suit and tie, eat canard a l'orange, and drink champagne. After he came home, he paid me a visit. He saw me half-asleep in bed, with my long hair uncombed (unlike Ashley's long hair, which ...

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    Good News , Ramblings
  4. Pokemon I used before

    I'm sure Blog will be interesting to some, boring/"waste of time" for others

    I was mentioning to @Ninetales Prower my plans for a Fairy Team - and decided to play a team for all 18 types.

    I have already have some going with a Dark Team, a Fighting Team, a Water Team, and a Fire Team.
    Already have 2 planned out - Fairy Team and a Flying Team

    Also mentioned to Ninetales Prower, that I will use my "My Typical ...

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  5. A Tribute

    This week's Scribbledegook is a sad one. Today the inimitable Terry Pratchett died. Anyone who knows me also knows that Pratchett is – was – a hero of mine and one of the few people I would ever attach the word “genius” to. Best known, depending on who you ask, for his Discworld series of fantasy books or his work raising awareness of Alzheimer's Disease, Terry Pratchett was unique in his way of thinking, speaking, and writing.

    Affectionately called Pterry by his fans, his ...

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