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Ooh our favorite thing!

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It looks like BP is locked again. Really? Again? Will the BP rules EVER become regular again? After it last was unlocked the rules about trivia hasn't been changed. And the previous time, when the staff said it wouldn't be locked for that long, it was locked for about 4 months if I remember correctly. Now, when the staff said it would only be locked for 3 days it's grown to an entire week. So my suggestion to the staff is start making some more reliable estimates.

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  1. Masatoshi's Avatar
    I'm sorry for not having an estimate date for fixing stuff up, the servers were still being set up as of this moment. It's something they hadn't foresee and are still trying to fix the servers. The 'pedia is currently unlocked for staff for some stuff needing to be added, and that means there's been some advances in the repairing.

    Also, it didn't state it was going to be three days sharp, it was an ideal date, but it might have taken longer.


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