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  1. Dude...



    Am I the only who didn't know this was possible?

  2. For football fans! (Part II, three months later)

    So, the World Cup has just started. Back when Japan's Pokémon promotional picture was revealed, I saw these pokémon as a whole team in their positions. These are cute, popular, lovable, like sort of a "youth team". But not the best ones, certainly. what if we put an all-stars team?

    So this is my pick. (I meant to do a team for every type, but I never did, lol)

    1.- Machamp (GK). Strong and With four arms seems like a perfect keeper. Of course it's a Guts ...
  3. For football fans!

    I guess you all saw already the promotional picture featuring 11 Pokémon as Japan's national team mascots for upcoming World Cup 2014. (I have to say this pic gave me a strong Inazuma Eleven vibe)

    I love football as much as Pokémon, and as a very nerdy fan, after seeing the picture I imagined them on a pitch, positioned based after ...

    Updated 15th March 2014 at 10:00 AM by Ziggy Stardust

  4. About rumours, fakes, urban legends

    Today I was hearing my eldest nephew, 10 years old, talking with a friend. He was telling, in a very convincing tone, a lot of nonsenses about Pokémon ingame secrets and even mega-evolutions. I'm pretty sure he got all of his head and didn't read that on any dubious website.

    Then, I think I finally understood how the legend about Mew and the truck was born.
  5. Sergio "Sycamore" Lagos

    When Sycamore was revealed, he generated certain impact and fun among chilean Pokéfans, because his striking resemblance to a renowned and popular TV host from here:

    Today I saw his official Twitter account, and laughed hard.

    Updated 19th January 2014 at 09:18 PM by Ziggy Stardust

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