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Thanks, vb4, for sucking so hard

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by , 28th May 2011 at 03:03 AM (309 Views)
I'll simplify my feelings in list form.

Perceived downsides of vb4:
1. Lay out 30 playing cards in a grid pattern, organized by rank and suit. Take a minute to memorize their placements and admire your work. Then, smash them all into a big pile and expect to get used to the chaos. That's what the new layout is.
2. My profile looks like an infested creature neatly vomited unwarranted rows of green upon its former image.
3. My blog looks similar except that the creature decided that what I type is as important as a man's nipples, proceeding to vomit straight over every word on the damn page.

Perceived benefits of vb4:
1. The endless fun of redoing every single freaking one of your custom settings.
2. When its disconcerting hideousness combines with the atrocious bile of any skin that isn't Classic, Erika's Garden, Cerulean Blues, or Bulba's Spring, a primordial mass of ugliness is spawned which will soon take over the world, ending life as we know it, saving ourselves from gouging our eyes out with spinning helicopter blades to end the suffering caused by such awful skins like D&P.
3. Embeddable videos.

Longtime readers may point out that I'm posting about a non-project-related subject, to whom I say, things will change. I swear to Jehovah that I'll never lower myself to talking about some petty aspect of one's otherwise perfect life, but for now, if an issue warrants my feelings, such as the forum change, I'll post it.

*hits 'Preview'*
*changes text color to something you can actually freaking see*

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    [COLOR="black"]I second this entire blog post.[/COLOR]
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    I third this entire blog post.


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