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Best Sprites of Each Pokémon: 351-365

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Phew, I haven't done a BSoEP in 5 months. I'm bad. Here, enjoy. Please, comment, comment, comment, suggest, point out, criticize, hate on, proclaim you undying love for, whatever.

351. Castform ~ D/P ___ ___ B/W ___ ___ ___
This is no contest. D/P (Normal Castform) looks much more lively and cute than its competition. As for the rest of its forms, Gen IV copies straight from Gen III, and Gen V is just Gen III floating around.

352. Kecleon ~ E ___
I don't get why Kecleon always seems to be doing the Thriller dance, but it could certainly do with some variety in poses. This was left to a battle of the animations, which E's sudden motion and vanishing wins easily.

353. Shuppet ~ Tie ~ Ru/Sa, B/W ___ ___
Okay, what. Shuppet goes from this creepy-looking spirit in Gen III to a wide-eyed little imp in Gen IV, and then this adorable little guy in Gen V. I like both extremes, frankly. Don't judge me.

354. Banette ~ D/P ___
For the record, Banette is grey, not dull blue (Gen III), not dull purple (above). Like scary Shuppet previously, Banette looks best immobile. Look at Banette. Look at its eyes. You think you caught it off-guard? Think you have the upper hand? Got you. Now you're in the sights of a doll animated by pure hatred.

355. Duskull ~ Pt ___
Duskull was hard to judge, mainly because it's the créme de la créme of expressionless Pokémon: no face, one eye that can't even wink, a blob-like body shape, and a rigid, unmoving head made of bone. These, coupled with the spriters' inability to give me interesting and varied sprites, leaves me troubled. I chose this one for its ghostly, vanishing look.

356. Dusclops ~ D/P ___
So each sprite has its hands reaching out "menacingly," and much in the same fashion. Again, Dusclops has no face or means of conveying emotion. Hence, it's up to body language. Some appear to be off-balance or just plain awkward-looking, but D/P has a solid, threatening pose.

357. Tropius ~ Ru/Sa ___
Right off the bat, Pt and B/W are eliminated for their sheer normalcy, and E's animation doesn't seem worth it. The remaining pair are very different. The grand pose that D/P takes is severely hindered by the overall silliness of its look, so Ru/Sa's standard, saurian pose wins. Better safe than sorry.

358. Chimecho ~ D/P ___
Chimecho's face remains the same throughout the generations (think of the one James's Chimecho has after it goes "Chiiiiiiiiiiiiime!"), so this rests in the body position and flapping of its tail. D/P appears to be gently and naturally descending from above, lifting its tail.

359. Absol ~ Pt ___
Absol generally has the same pose in all of its sprites, just from different angles. Pt, however, has a strong, unique pose.

360. Wynaut ~ E ___
No contest, nope. E looks more joyous than D/P and more lively than B/W.

361. Snorunt ~ D/P ___
None of Snorunt's sprites are all that great, really. It takes on a more squat appearance starting in Pt, and there is some variety in the sprites, but overall none really excel. D/P at least has a unique perspective and looks more active.

362. Glalie ~ D/P ___
D/P is by far the most detailed and well-shaded of Glalie's sprites. Glalie is just a big, floating glare, so its sprite should demonstrate this well.

363. Spheal ~ B/W ___
I nearly included E as well, but... it's just hilarious. Spheal spins like a wheel. Anyway, I picked B/W because it fixes all of the mistakes of the previous generation; namely, the derpface and orientation of the body.

364. Sealeo ~ D/P ___
It seem like every generation so far has had to fix something about most of the Pokémon in their debut games. Sealeo, for example, lost a lot of weight. B/W is okay too, but D/P has a better face and mannerism.

365. Walrein ~ D/P ___
Its poses are virtually the same throughout the generations, save for the bloated Gen III. B/W's animation is pointless*, so D/P's decent look wins by default.

*When I say pointless, I mean that it was a waste of time to animate it because of the... you know what, I'll just say it... shitty result the animator produced. Wanna know what Walrein's long-awaited, fully animated sprite does? The one that shows it alive in battle, supposedly enhancing the dynamic experience? It breathes heavily and opens its mouth a little wider once in a while. Dusclops? It breathes heavily and shifts its feet from side to side once in a while. There are so many clearly uninspired animations. It's really disappointing to the fans.

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  1. Pidgeot's Avatar
    The DPPt Tropius sprite is really bad. Looks like a Gen III sprite.


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