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Best Sprites of Each Pokémon: 335-350

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• • • It's been a while, huh? Pace is slow due to school, especially as I finish the semester in the next two weeks. A new episode of my Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge is almost done. Just need to finish a few more panels. I really need to pick up the pace or else it'll take forever and people will lose interest (if there even is any?). After YNC Ep. 7 I'll do BDP: Growlithe-Arcanine.

335. Zangoose ~ Ru/Sa ___
I don't care that Gen III is yet again discolored with purple claws instead of dark grey. That pose is so awesome to behold, like the epic look of a combatant the moment before he or she slides into battle position. E and B/W are pointless animations, and D/P is good but not nearly as awesome as Ru/Sa.

336. Seviper ~ B/W ___
Seviper has some decent sprites, but each seems awkward and cramped. Gen III is very cramped and looks like it's recoiling in fear. D/P looks bloated and the like-colored fangs and tongue make for a messy head. B/W looks like it can finally breathe.

337. Lunatone ~ Tie ~ Ru/Sa, D/P ___ ___
Two sprites, two looks. Ru/Sa has a very realistic design, with a stone-brown body and large, blood-red scleras in its eyes. The shading is subtle and Lunatone doesn't even look alive here. Indeed, it reminds me very much of the Moon from Majora's Mask. D/P is more accurate to Lunatone's offical art and anime design, and features deeper 3D shading. E and B/W are pointless yet again.

338. Solrock ~ Ru/Sa ___
For the third time so far, the animations are pointless. This leaves only two contenders, Ru/Sa and D/P. Though both have virtually the same orientation, Ru/Sa wins thanks to its much better detail. The "rays" actually look like rock and the body has great shading.

339. Barboach ~ E ___
After all that, something so insignificant as Barboach gets a decent variety of sprites. And by decent, I mean "not awful, but still not exciting." E looks like it leaped from the water and flops around with vitality.

340. Whiscash ~ Pt ___
Oh look, it's the Porygon of Gen III. Being an Earthquake-causing menace doesn't stop Whiscash from showing off its derp face. Pt wins over the only other contender, D/P, due to its stupid face and genitalia-shaped tail, even though it's more detailed.

341. Corphish ~ B/W __
No. Competition. Whatsoever.

342. Crawdaunt ~ D/P ___
Oddly enough, the DS sprites are just as detailed and lushly colored as the GBA ones. Then B/W came along and ruined the color, likely for the near future. D/P prevails over Gen III for its superior pose, with claws spread wide and menacingly, not limp and low.

343. Baltoy ~ Ru/Sa ___
Expressionless Pokémon really waste my time. I mean sure, it's a lot faster to just rant about how an inanimate toy shouldn't be a Pokémon and then pick the least awful of the sprites, but still. Ru/Sa wins because E and B/W are poor excuses for animation and D/P just turned its body and has shorter arms.

344. Claydol ~ E ___
Clever name. Anyway, Claydol was even easier than Baltoy. Ru/Sa and D/P look the same, and B/W's animation is severely lacking. At least E looks like it's actually spinning.

345. Lileep ~ E ___
Despite having orange tentacles in Gens III and IV, it has always had purple ones in the anime and official art. I like orange better since it gives more color variety, but I digress. E shows what a real Lileep would likely do at times, curl in its tentacles for protection.

346. Cradily ~ B/W ___
Ru/Sa and D/P aren't doing much of anything, so it's left to the animations once again to give the Pokémon some form of presence. E jerks too suddenly for an ocean-floor Pokémon and doesn't impress even then. B/W jiggles left and right and curls its tentacles inward like Lileep's E.

347. Anorith ~ B/W ___
Much like Linoone, the difference between Ru/Sa and D/P is just a few pixels. Laziness aside, neither is interesting, and E shakes in a very unnatural fashion, so B/W's fluttering-in-water motion wins.

348. Armaldo ~ D/P ___
Once again, Ru/Sa and D/P are the same. Unfortunately, neither of the animations improve the static sprites, and since D/P is more accurate to the official art, D/P wins.

349. Feebas ~ D/P ___
Feebas took me a little while to decide because of the (and i can't believe I'm typing this) variety of different sprites it has. Pt and B/W were the first to be ruled out because one isn't focused on the battle at all and the other's another pointless animation. E's decent Splash motion beat out Ru/Sa, so leaving it against D/P. The more I looked at E, though, the more I was revolted. The thing looks like it could die any minute. D/P wins for its half-decent sprite and not looking like a fish that's been dead for a week.

350. Milotic ~ D/P ___
Right off the bat, not only is Gen III discolored, but the face... the hair... it's so human-looking it's scary. Ru/Sa isn't bad, but E is another pointless animation (but it turns blue! omg!) Pt looks so awkwardly coiled up it's embarassing. B/W's animation looks awful; no animal moves that poorly. D/P looks majestic, swirling about in the sea. It wins hands-down.

So apparently Black 2 and White 2 will have some new animated sprites. I'll tell you now, I'm not busting my balls again looking for them just to judge them ASAP. I'm going to wait until someone posts a complete list, or at least a zip file with the ripped sprites. Then, I'll judge each new sprite of a Pokémon with its current Best Sprite and replace it if it's better, tie if it's exactly as good, or replace one sprite in a tie.

As always, enjoy my selections and tell me what you think!

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  1. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    So you're gonna have to do the judging all over again. XD
  2. Aviator Zero's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger Jack Walker
    So you're gonna have to do the judging all over again. XD
    Hahaha. Very funny.
    I bet not even 200 of the Pokémon will get new sprites. As you can see from BSoEP, many B/W animations are pointless. But oh no! Oshawott removes it scalchop briefly in its new animation! Hold onto your tits, folks!


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