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The Best of Pokémon

Best Sprites of Each Pokémon: 280-297

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280. Ralts ~ D/P ___
Gen III and Pt are too plain to even be considered, while B/W appears to be flapping for no reason. D/P at least has a real pose, copying its official art.

281. Kirlia ~ D/P ___
Ah, finally, some real poses! Ru/Sa isn't bad, but E is cuter. Pt looks sassy but is obscuring its body. B/W is just a typical ballerina movements. D/P looks graceful yet ready for battle!

282. Gardevoir ~ D/P ___
And Gardevoir makes three. I swear, It was a coincidence that all three are D/P. D/P wins Gardevoir because it is again the most graceful-looking. Meanwhile, Gen III looks practically emo, Pt's arm looks odd, and B/W's animation is lackluster at best.

283. Surskit ~ B/W ___
Gen III is just boring, while Gen IV looks like a headcrab jumping at you! B/W's nice skating animation wins.

284. Masquerain ~ D/P ___
Gen III is a discolored brown for some reason, automatically disqualifying them. This leaves just D/P and B/W. I saw in D/P an odd 3D effect, and suddenly the face that Masquerain is... masquerading as jumped out at me. B/W is just bland wing flapping.

285. Shroomish ~ Ru/Sa ___
First off, B/W's hopping is horrendous. Next, E's animation is pointless. And lastly, D/P looks caught off-guard, but damn if Ru/Sa isn't strutting like a pimp!

286. Breloom ~ D/P ___
I may not understand how this kanga-raptor thing is related to mushrooms, put I do know it's part-Fighting type, and Fighting-types don't shy away (Gen III) or hop like demented birds (B/W).

287. Slakoth ~ D/P ___
Like one of its start moves, Slakoth was a big yawn. All of its sprites are the same. Gen III's back fur isn't scruffy enough, and B/W's animation is pointless, so D/P wins.

288. Vigoroth ~ E ___
None of its sprites are bad, per se, but Gen IV is really goofy and B/W is a little much. E's imposing stance and thrashing animation take the cake.

289. Slaking ~ Ru/Sa ___
Unlike Vigoroth, Slaking's sprites are all pretty much terrible. Gen IV is ugly, B/W is boring, and E seems unnecessary.

290. Nincada ~ B/W ___
Another simple one. Gen III is discolored grey, and B/W provides the already-fine D/P sprite with a decent animation.

291. Ninjask ~ B/W ___
D/P is better than Gen III, but a decent animation once again steals the win.

292. Shedinja ~ B/W ___
Gen III discolored a golden yellow, D/P not bad, B/W decent.

293. Whismur ~ Tie ~ Ru/Sa, B/W ___ ___
Whismur took a little while to judge because of its subtly different poses. I eliminated E early because it was unnecessary. Then I looked at D/P and thought it a little too unsettling. That left Ru/Sa and B/W. The former displays Whismur's frightened nature, and the latter its only defense: crying.

294. Loudred ~ E ___
I'm sorry, but this Pokémon is revoltingly ugly. I hope I die before I ever have to do a Best Designed Pokémon entry of Loudred. Anyway, I picked E because Pokédex entries say it stomps its feet to power up and no other sprites really compete.

295. Exploud ~ Tie ~ E, B/W ___ ___
Exploud's animations are really great. E sends a sudden blast of sound out, and you can almost see the shock wave. B/W is also bellowing forcefully and gives us a glimpse at the semicircle on its belly.

296. Makuhita ~ Ru/Sa ___
No contest. E looks silly and all of the rest are uninspiring. Ru/Sa's champion pose wins the tournament!!

297. Hariyama ~ Ru/Sa ___
E and Gen IV were too ridiculous to be considered, but it was tough to decide between Ru/Sa and B/W. Both are good, but B/W seemed like a poor excuse for an animation. Both have great poses though.

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Updated 13th March 2012 at 09:46 PM by Aviator Zero



  1. winstein's Avatar
    I see you continue evaluating on the sprites' designs. At which point are you planning to stop doing them?

    That's it for now.
  2. Aviator Zero's Avatar
    @winstein I felt the need to finish Gen III. There's no way I'd do Gen IV until the next generation is released. It's bad enough that Gen III has only 4-5 different sprites per Pokémon.


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