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Best Sprites of Each Pokémon: 316-334

Rating: 3 votes, 5.00 average.
by , 29th March 2012 at 10:42 AM (1911 Views)
316. Gulpin ~ D/P ___
It's not like any of its sprites do anything at all, even the animated ones, whose animations just seem to be fidgeting about. Gen III is misshapen, has small lips, and a short appendage on its head. D/P is all-around decent.

317. Swalot ~ E ___
For some reason, its eyes are red in Gen III and its official artwork, yet is purple in Gen IV-V and the anime. Nevertheless, E wins because it is the only one actually doing anything, even if it obscures its own face.

318. Carvanha ~ E ___
I considered having it tie with B/W, but I figured that E's ferocity was better than B/W's lurking motion.

319. Sharpedo ~ Ru/Sa ___
B/W's animation is pointless, E is bouncing around like a fish out of water, and D/P is good but really not doing anything. Ru/Sa wins.

320. Wailmer ~ D/P ___
I really dislike having to review such a static Pokémon. Its face never changes, so character goes out the window. That being said, each generation of Wailmer sprites has a different perspective. Ru/Sa looks like a deflated basketball on the floor, with tiny, limp fins. B/W inflates its belly like a toad and waves its fins as it were floating in the liquid stupidity its look excretes. D/P at least looks like its official art.

321. Wailord ~ D/P ___
Gen III's blimp-like sprites look good, but too many details are missing due to perspective. Gen V's robtoic waving of fins looks ridiculous, so D/P's decent sprite wins.

322. Numel ~ Ru/Sa ___
Numel's sprites all have the same face. B/W and E's animations just rock up and down, while D/P looks too docile. Ru/Sa has a battle-ready stance and great shading.

323. Camerupt ~ E ___
D/P cocks its head like a cutesy Pokémon and B/W appears to be fidgeting about from fleas. E's earth-shaking sprite wins.

324. Torkoal ~ E ___
All of Torkoal's sprites have essentially the same pose, the only difference being the direction D/P's body is facing. B/W's billowing smoke is very choppy and boring. E wins because of the sudden tremble and glow of magma.

325. Spoink ~ E ___
I don't even care anymore about Gen III's discoloration. According to the Pokédex, all non-animated Spoink should be dead of cardiac arrest, so animation is obligatory. Since B/W's body doesn't react at all to the bouncing, E wins.

326. Grumpig ~ D/P ___
E's hopping isn't necessary, really, and B/W isn't doing anything. Ru/Sa was pretty good, but its face is obscured and D/P has more detail.

327. Spinda ~ B/W ___
Spinda is a gimmick Pokémon which comes in 8,589,934,592 varieties and learns some rare moves but doesn't have the stats to be useful. Its point is to dance erratically to confuse opponents, which B/W best portrays.

328. Trapinch ~ E ___
D/P looks static and top-heavy and B/W's nibbling isn't impressive. E stands its ground and chomps away.

329. Vibrava ~ D/P ___
Vibrava has some good sprites. Ru/Sa would be fine, static as it is. E adds some vibrating wing flaps. B/W has the same pose, but flutters up a little. D/P is unique and looks good flying skyward.

330. Flygon ~ Ru/Sa ___
Finally, some varied sprites. E "flies" around with poorly-animated wing-flapping. B/W's flying looks better, but really is nothing special. Lastly, D/P seems to be saying "Look at my crotch!" Ru/Sa has a solid, battle-ready pose.

331. Cacnea ~ D/P ___
D/P has great shading, color, and pose. Ru/Sa and E aren't bad, but they pale in comparison to D/P.

332. Cacturne ~ Ru/Sa ___
Cacturne's sprites are all pretty bland. Ru/Sa has the best color; its greens are much more vivid than its successors'.

333. Swablu ~ E ___
This is another case of the GBA's greater detail beating out the DS's higher pixel count and whatever else it has. Gen III Swablu sprites have 3 blues and 3 whites, but Pt and B/W have just 2 each. D/P does have 3 each, but the pose is literally off. E adds a gentle flutter to the already-good Ru/Sa sprite.

334. Altaria ~ D/P ___
Altaria indeed has a variety of sprites, each with pros and cons. E and B/W's animations are both squawking in a ridiculous fasion, so they're out. Now it's hard. I must pick one of the remaining three: Ru/Sa's solid and intimidating yet inactive pose, D/P's great in-flight form but with undefined wing positions, or Pt's great, yet undetailed swoop? After much deliberation, I chose D/P.

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