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Best Sprites of Each Pokémon: 298-315

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by , 13th March 2012 at 10:39 PM (220 Views)
298. Azurill ~ D/P ___
E is pretty good, but the blue is too dark and the tail has a broken zig-zag, like Pt. Its Gen V sprite has that stupid sad look, and the animation is stupid. D/P looks happy, has the right color, and the zig-zag is right.

299. Nosepass ~ D/P ___
I don't know why Gen III sprites are so bad. Never in the anime was Nosepass grey with an orange nose. That leaves me with Gens IV and V. Pt and B/W are so static, D/P's mediocre sprite wins by default.

300. Skitty ~ D/P ___
Gens III and V were too sedentary; D/P has an active pose.

301. Delcatty ~ D/P ___
Again, Gen III is discolored fuchsia, whereas the fur should be violet. Gen V is all right, but the motions are just too unnecessary. D/P's good, solid sprite wins.

302. Sableye ~ D/P ___
Again, discoloration; fuchsia instead of indigo. At least the Gen III sprites are nothing special. V is unnecessary yet again.

303. Mawile ~ E ___
Finally, something not D/P, though I do like D/P because it shows more of the body. Alas, that's not Mawile's point. E shows Mawile still, steady... until... CHOMP-CHOMP-CHOMP!

304. Aron ~ Ru/Sa ___
Aron's most dynamic sprite is E, in which it jumps oddly in the air. D/P is odd as well and B/W is yet another pointless animation, so Ru/Sa's solid stance wins.

305. Lairon ~ D/P ___
B/W straight-up just looks like a turtle humping. Ru/Sa is good but D/P's stance is just bit stronger. E is pointless.

306. Aggron ~ Tie ~ D/P, B/W ___ ___
Gen III isn't very dynamic. D/P is great but has the awkward look at the camera, and B/W looks awesome but has that pathetic... growl? Whatever that is.

307. Meditite ~ B/W ___
B/W just does Gen IV's look, but better. The levitation is smooth and the face looks calm, not like whatever the hell E is doing.

308. Medicham ~ Ru/Sa ___
Although the color is off slightly (dull red, not hot pink), Ru/Sa simply has the best pose: ready, elegant, and focused.

309. Electrike ~ D/P ___
Ru/Sa looks disproportionate and E and B/W have pointless animations. D/P looks balanced and normal.

310. Manectric ~ D/P ___
I'm sorry, Ru/Sa, I like your unique perspective, but that head is just done wrong. B/W, you look like you're gonna puke.

311. Plusle ~ Ru/Sa ___
E is no better, D/P is not active enough, and B/W is way too active.

312. Minun ~ D/P ___
Its more active sprites like E and B/W look awkward, and Ru/Sa is floating in space strangely.

313. Volbeat ~ Ru/Sa ___
Not only are the antennae the best-looking of all, but the pose looks like it was caught mid-courtship-dance. "I can't battle now! I'm trying to get laid here! Uh, I mean Volbeat-beat!"

314. Illumise ~ Tie ~ D/P, B/W ___ ___
D/P's pose is simply epic. B/W's fluttering looks smooth and balanced, and the twitching antennae are a plus. Ru/Sa is too static, while E is... just... awful.

315. Roselia ~ D/P ___
Pt is poseless, B/W's cheerleading looks poor, and D/P does Gen III better (and better-colored).
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