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The Best of Pokémon

BDP: Nidoran♂ - Nidoking

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by , 8th July 2011 at 05:28 PM (1792 Views)
32. Nidoran♂

Form: 8. I hate to see it all hunched over with its head on the floor. Its top half is the focus. Between its scruffy fur, horn, spiky ears, and spiny back plate, a striking bodyline is the point (pun intended) of Nidoran♂.
Color: 6. The male Nidos have had their color changed throughout time, from a bluish fuchsia in the original games and artwork, to a vibrant pink in the anime, and to the current dark violet. Nidoran♂ in particular doesn't have much variety in its colors, save for its red eyes.
Originality: 7. Nidoran♂ may be based on a mix of porcupine, rabbit, mouse, or hamster. Its many unique features warrant a high score. Its plain underside hinders it, however.
Design: 7
Favorite Renditions: Petah55, Katmomma, Three, drgknot, silverwerwolf, joshD1000
Best TCG Art: FireRed/LeafGreen 71/112 by Hisao Nakamura

33. Nidorino

Form: 7. The most quadrupedal of all the Nidos, Nidorino is clearly built with stocky limbs and a thick, low body for charging forward. However, it's rather plain other than that, the only notable points being its rugged face and jagged ears.
Color: 5. With a much larger body, one would expect a bit more variety in colors, but the scheme is the same throughout, save for more white in the claws and teeth and more turquoise in the ears.
Originality: 6. It's right there in the name: "rhino." And that's precisely what it is if you remove its ears.
Design: 6
Favorite Renditions: Hokousha, Two, RtRadke, sunhawk101
Best TCG Art: Base Set 37/102 by Mitsuhiro Arita

34. Nidoking

Form: 9. Nidoking is one of those BAMF Pokémon that you'd see used by elite characters in the anime. They may be overlooked by players who only choose their Pokémon by their stats and movepool, but boy, do they look awesome. Nidoking just looks destructive. A massive horn, a tall row of spikes on its back, and thick, powerful limbs and tail are the main attractions, but the many minor details, such as the cheek spikes and tough chestplate, compliment its power even more.
Color: 6. Unlike its predecessors, Nidoking is but one shade of violet. Its other colors, like its white elbow spikes and chestplate and turquoise ears, do help the score.
Originality: 10. A rhinoceros? A rabbit? A dragon? It's freaking NIDOKING, that's what! ...But really, what can I say. It's hard to determine its origin, so its perfect uniqueness warrants a perfect score. Not only that, it has much for the eye to see.
Design: 8.3
Favorite Renditions: Doodlegoon, Petah55, alexstoneart, Four, Five, Twarda8the8XanaX, RtRadke
Best TCG Art: Secret Wonders 34/132 by Kouki Saitou

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  1. GatoRage's Avatar
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    So agreed on Nidoking. He just oozes of awesomeness.
    Dare I say the best design of Gen 1 ? He's up there IMO.
  2. Oswin's Avatar
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    Completely agree with above comment. ^
  3. Miar's Avatar
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    I thought the males were #32-34.


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