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BDP: Meowth-Persian

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by , 10th March 2012 at 07:02 PM (1290 Views)
After a few weeks, here's Meowth and Persian. Persian in particular has a lot of good fanart and card art to choose from.

52. Meowth

Form: 5. Big points taken off for the plain, lanky, unconformable body and limbs. The limbs are too thin for its body and its body is just a lump. The tail is the same as Rattata's but the head is iconic. The eyes are large and characteristically feline. The whole shape of it, ears included, is quite appealing. The 6 whiskers add detail and an almost mask-like quality to Meowth's face.
Color: 7.5. Good, not great. Meowth doesn't and shouldn't have too many colors; it's just a cat, after all. After a while, though, it can look like a small child walking around without a shirt on. The bold, black ears compliment the tan-brown fur well.
Originality: 3.5. In case you didn't know, many Japanese Pokéfans consider Meowth to be their favorite Pokémon, not Pikachu. I can see why, to some degree. To western fans it may appear to just be some anthropomorphized cat with a coin on its head. Meowth is actually based on the maneki neko, a lucky cat in Japanese folklore, combined with the koban, a lucky coin. nevertheless, Meowth does not do much with the concept. It is mostly just a regular maneki neko cat with a distinctive head.
Design: 5.3
Favorite Renditions: AlexTehArteest, Twarda8the8XanaX, RtRadke, FaerieSoda, Transypoo
Best TCG Art: Bulbasaur Deck 16/40 by Kagemaru Himeno

53. Persian

Form: 3. It's so plain I almost want to cry. Its big cat body looks strong, but there's just... nothing! At the very least, the head has some character. It almost looks like Giovanni himself.
Color: 5. It's Ninetales all over again. Its single fur color is disappointing, but it does suit it well. The red eyes and gem provide a decent contrast while the black ears compliment well.
Originality: 1. Buh-ORING. Cougar-like body, check. Tail identical to other Pokémon's, check. There's hardly anything unique to Persian, and what there is is unimpressive. One of the worst Pokémon designs ever.
Design: 3
Favorite Renditions: BlackMysticA, Twarda8the8XanaX, RtRadke, dragonfire767, grouchywolfpup, Aeris-the-Aireon
Best TCG Art: EX FireRed & LeafGreen 44/112 by Masakazu Fukuda

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  1. Yato's Avatar
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    But both of them can lern Pay Day - they certainly live up to the name Luck Coin XDD
  2. Aviator Zero's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Destiny Queen
    But both of them can lern Pay Day - they certainly live up to the name Luck Coin XDD
    True, but I don't judge on learnsets, stats, or anything game-related. My reviews are purely artistic.


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