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BDP: Mankey-Primeape

Rating: 3 votes, 5.00 average.
by , 3rd April 2012 at 11:09 AM (1473 Views)
56. Mankey

Form: 7.5. Mankey's body is truly bizarre. Its head, neck, torso, and abdomen are all fused into one hairy sphere. The thin limbs are typical of tree-dwelling primates, but the cat-like ears just up the oddity. I do like how the hands have evolved into primitive fists for performing Fighting attacks. The feet are rather ugly and atypical of primates, but they look adept for perching on tree limbs. Its face matches its personality as an easily-angered being.
Color: 6.5. Sure, it's not as colorful as a mandrill, but it's a monkey Pokémon. The appendages of the light tan body are dipped in brown, emphasizing the physical moves it uses. The fiery red eyes further show its personality.
Originality: 7. Mankey and Primeape are based on the baboon in terms of both appearance and behavior. Appearance-wise, however, most people couldn't tell which animal it is beyond a monkey. This touchy furball of a Pokémon manages to embody an animal known for its temper yet also retain a style of its own.
Design: 7
Favorite Renditions: zednanreh-c, BigTreeWorld, GamerGuy165
Best TCG Art: Tie - Brock's Mankey (Gym Heroes 67/132) by Atsuko Nishida
Blaine's Mankey (Gym Challenge 63/132) by Atsuko Nishida

57. Primeape

Form: 6. Primeape's head/torso ball is just a bigger Mankey. Essentially the only difference is the limbs. The fingers and toes have morphed into freakish fusions of flesh, turning into boxing gloves and thick foot pads. This indicates that it no longer lives in trees (even though it's been seen to still do) or needs the ability of dexterity, and instead lives life on the ground. The tail is gone as well, further making tree life unlikely. It always has metal weights on its wrists and ankles for weight training, which presents the first instance of a repeated issue. Where do Primeape get the weights? They seem to materialize out of nowhere when evolved in the anime, but how else would they realistically get them? There's no way those undeveloped meat-fists could fashion the weights themselves. NEEDS EXPLANATION, GAME FREAK.
Color: 4. I think Mankey de-volved. Yeah, yeah, the limbs are brown, the fur is tan, and the nose and inner ears are pink... boring. The black weights do attract attention to its fighting assets, but... damn, there's just no flow of colors. The eyes are just black, the body is so bland... ugh.
Originality: 6. It is based on the baboon, but is noticeably less primate and more humanoid in appearance. It may also be so in intelligence, since it can apparently smith metal weights, which it somehow has learned can increase strength (yet it defeats the purpose since they're never taken off). No doubt it certainly behaves more like a human: it is clearly built to walk around on two feet, fight like a kickboxer, and has about as much self-control as a beer-guzzling bro-tard.
Design: 5.3
Favorite Renditions: RtRadke, Shinigami-GFX, PikachuProdigy, zacharyxbinks
Best TCG Art: Supreme Victors 39/147 by Midori Harada

I stumble upon some interesting things when I browse the web, and this... sure is interesting. Do you like anime girls? ' Course you do. Do you like Pokémon? Well, duh. The artist shoxxe does too. That's why he or she made fan art of anime girls wearing PokéCosplay. Enjoy.
Fanart - Anime by shoxxe on deviantART, pg 2 and 5

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