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Won't be trading...

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by , 16th October 2010 at 11:54 PM (206 Views)


They actually start on Thursday, but I need to prepare, so... Thankfully, it turned out that I wasn't so behind. I just need to work on one of the subjects a bit more...others, I've been doing homework and that worked as a nice review.

I am afraid that I might play DS for hours once I get my hands on it (happens nearly all the time, night and day). So that's why I am putting off playing it altogether (better than having my parents take it away against my will).

I apologize to some members here for keeping them waiting. If you have a trade waiting for me and I didn't remember you at my last blog post, then comment on this blog.

I will still visit the site...it's not like I look at textbooks ALL the time... (That's another way of ruining one's eyes, I believe)

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    Me too. I am also coping with exams very soon. I guess I need temp shop closure?


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