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Regarding my mafia game

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by , 29th July 2012 at 12:46 AM (204 Views)

To those that looked forward to my mafia game,

I chose to take reservations for 75% of the sign-ups.
It'd mean that I'll accept 18 players through reservations, and the rest will be up for grabs once I post the thread.

To enter for one of the 18 reserved spots, give me a PM/VM.

If you agree with the following (there are other rules, but there are the ones that you'd pay more attention to):
  1. No name-claiming.
  2. No sharing/faking role PMs.
  3. No to showing poor sportsmanship.
  4. No deadtalking, including the use of the Like button after death.
  5. No to using screenshots.
  6. No to inactivity.

Then basically you're eligible. If you expect a period of irl situation, from 3-4 days, that might prevent you from using internet, then let me know so that if the thread goes up in that time, I won't be pushy on you to confirm your role.


- Min

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