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Quotes from The War Room

From The War Room Mafia

ghaskan : Can we lynch Mij just to get ride of the ponies?

lizzxxk : There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

Phoenicks : You did not delete one of my double posts. This means war, Mintaka. By all means necessary. You will fall.

Ryuutakeshi : You are so fired. / VOTE: Mintaka

Sourcandy : Mintaka you're like 20% cooler now for creating a role based on my <3

hurristat: I really hope Hellion's character has to post a certain amount of gifs per day.
Me: NO, NO, NO! xD
Hellion: *googling gifs as we speak... MWA HA HA HA HA HA!


From War Room Mafia 2 (TWR vs TRW)

ghaskan : Damn you, I told myself I was taking a break of mafia games!

Rayne : I'm on a boat. Party below deck War Room peeps.

Phoenicks : Let's spam the thread until Mintaka updates. We should get to 100 posts without the game starting. :D /bad moderator
hurristat : Sounds like a bad good idea! /bad moderator

Wolverine : Hellion is now Wolverine. Deal with it : P YEAH MIN, IF THERE'S A ROLE NAMED AFTER ME, IT'S ALL MESSED UP. :P (What have I done?)

Wolverine : Vote: The Japanese characters formerly known as Sourcandy

Synthesis : Alright, got called a she again. Back to Latios sprite @_@

Derier44 : Confirming, and Ill role claim before the game even starts. My role is America's favorite ice cream flavor.
初音ミク : nutella?
Neonsands : Rocky road?
Derier44 : Rocky Road made with Nutella, how did you guys know!?!?!?!?!?!
Phoenicks : He must be hurristat. Only then could he have such terrible logic.
hurristat : Go away. :P
Derier44 : Told you guys I was america's favorite flavor of Ice Cream.
Neonsands : Zhwoobatte? Never had it.

Mintaka : If you're spamming, make them at least Ponies or Cilan!
Wolverine : I think you meant, If you're spamming, make them at least funny of Cilan. No one wants to see ponies... :P